Agoraphobia with or without panic disorder

Have Agoraphobia but 4 me it is fear or not really 4 but hard 2 leave the house it is like I need 2 b. pushed out talked into it wen Rogi was young he would say come on Mom lets go here etc & then when I would give in he would actually say see mom after we were laughing having fun ec aren’t you glad U got out Mom boy we don’t think the kids know but they really do !!!!


Agoraphobia can develop out of simple phobias or it can be a result of extreme trauma, although it is often a result of numerous panic attacks such as those found in panic disorder.agora


Agoraphobia, like other phobias, is made up of extreme anxiety and fear. Different from other phobias, however, is the generalization which occurs. Agoraphobia is the anxiety about being in places where escape might be difficult or embarrassing or in which help may not be available should a panic attack develop. It can be sub diagnosed as either ‘with’ or ‘without’ panic disorder (see above). Typically situations that invoke anxiety are avoided and in extreme cases, the person may never or rarely leave their home.


Treatment may involve anxiety reduction techniques aimed at increasing the control a person feels over his or her anxiety and fears. Other approaches require the individual to work through their anxiety in relation to interpersonal or childhood issues.


Prognosis is good, especially if the individual has some insight into the development of the disorder and if their fears are irrational and there is insight into this.

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