Jan’S BP Journey

I meant BP pure desitny
We are not friends but we do know each other fairly well. BO has taken from me, but it has also given to me. I may not be the person I may have known my entire life, but them again am I?
I do look at people differently give them the benefit of the doubt. I am unique in my own way, we live in the same mind and body, but it is a guest not a permanent resident. And at times it becomes more predominant that I would like it to, but I have learned through our odd relationship, that it does not control me, rule me, or make me the person that I am. BP will continue to be a guest.
I call the shots cause this is my mind, my body and I am a survivor today, tomorrow,and always

BP & ME:

The journey called Bipolar disorder is no typical journey that just anyone takes, yes a lot of people have it a lot worse in their lives, some a lot better. But I speak of the journey we are taking together. This journey is complex and challenging yet a learning experience, it can ruin relationships, marriages, careers, and ones self worth, and zap us of our inner strength. At times it is overwhelming all consuming and we preserve each day. Yes, it will knock us down, beat us up, rob us, and threaten us. And attempt to destroy us after time But we preserve each day, we may fall down but we get up again and again. This is survival at its best!

They say you can not pick your relatives but you can pick your friends. Friends are something you can not buy in a store or wish for. They are special bonds woven through similar experiences, struggles, challenged, heart aches, as well as success and unforgettable memories. We need to treasure our friends they can be our support life Davies when family just don’t understand. Friends listen, never judge you or tell you that they don’t care. We all need friends just as we need air to breathe.

You will have a better tomorrow if only you think about today. You will not have a good day if you just sit around and think of yesterday. Out BP journey is like a domino effect. We get through yesterday, put that day in the past move on through today and work through it. Tomorrow what it can bring to us is fresh and new and the beginning of the day’s possibilities. Always look forward to tomorrow and what it may bring us as you travel through the peaks and valleys and when you reach that peak hang on, because the view at the top is much brighter.

When sadness knocks at your door don’t answer it! It will leave and when happiness knocks answer it and bring it into your life. Do not be frightened when it leaves when you least expect it, it shall return. The journey continues to walk the road of challenge, adversity, and obstacles. Even when the odds are against us we continue to go on with complete effort. Never stop trying and we will never feel there is no chance to win. And if we face the right direction on this road that has been given to us we have to keep going, no matter how difficult this road may be, we may feel despair, loneliness, and be afraid but we will not falter and we may not be there yet but we are much closer as of yesterday and what we get by reaching our destination is not nearly as vital of what we will find and whom we may become when we do.

Moving forward not looking back is key to continue on this journey. Yes, we have made it mistakes burned a lot of bridges but who hasn’t. Learning to live and forgive oneself is the first step towards moving forward. We have difficult times during this BP journey and we may at times feel we are so alone, so different and cannot give anymore but we have and continue to do so. For its not the BP which defined us as who we are not will we let it control our lives. Our relationship with BP is not a close one, nor do we want it to be, but the relationship we have with ourselves is an important one. Loving ourselves, understanding ourselves! What we are about and who we are. The BP life is a journey we take every day.

Whether we notice or not all things in life are connected some way. We live with the intention to live and continue to learn. The doors of our lives that we open today will decide the lives we live. As we look back life is different yet it stays the same, everything is relative, and all the struggles, fears, hopes and dreams will return again, for life always changes, just as quickly as it remains the same. But the difference is with each return we always have a hope of a new day for a chance at a better life. The journey of life is connected and everything is relative for the strength and hope will continue to return.

@ times the bridge is very narrow with planks that r unstable sum even missing. I continue my journey holding on tight as the bridge narrows and the planks r unsafe taking each step slowly making choices carefully as I move forward.
There r times wen the bridge will widen providing me with more space to move about with sum wat ease, as I continue on not knowing wat may lie ahead of me.
I will continue on now and tomorrow. My journey I will control it, it will not control me! I will choose where I will go, where and wen I will end my journey!!
The road is full of twists and turns, cross roads, and valleys. I may stumble but I will get up and continue to where lies my destination.
I’ve always been a passionate person, luckily, for without that passion I would have no drive.
I lost about every ounce of passion on the day I got DX (diagnosed), on January 15th, 15 years ago, as Bipolar I with Mixed States, and a Rapid Cycling, amongst other DX , as well as my job of 8 years!
Everything I do in my life comes form my heart, where my passion lies, without that passion I have no drive.
A few years later I became more educated, understanding towards myself, and accepting of my DX, I picked up that pen and felt the passion return again!
Compassion is meant to be shared, and spread through the unchanging truths of one’s hope for friendship, support and understanding through many of our own creative ways.
Infusing our fresh expression of our own faithful way on how to cope, daily, hourly, or at times for me by the minute! I am going to tell you as you already probably know it, it is very tiring and down right exhausting!
Luckily my drive, passion, and inspiration never did lose focus!
So take a chance, and go beyond the ordinary, it may take some time, but I can promise you, you won’t regret it!