Personal Letter from JanSupport

Through my difficult time last year I would not have made it through without the compassion, patience, understanding, and support of my members / friends here @ Mental Health Support Community.

I value, and appreciate these gifted members / friends! It isn’t often in today’s world easy to trust, and they were there for me countless times! The compassion that they freely gave to me is what made me believe just how Crucial it is to have a “Support System!”

In the hearts here @ Mental Health Support Community the compassion  here is meant to be shared, and spread through the unchanging truths of one’s hope for Friendship, Support, and Understanding though many of our own Creative Ways.

Infusing together our fresh expression of our own faithful way on how to cope daily, hourly, or at times by the minute!
I am going to be honest, as you already probably know it is very tiring, and down right exhausting.

I don’t think many Group / Community Owners understand whether it be of a Free Organization, or that of a Monthly, or Yearly Fee, that it is “That of the Members” in which what “Make’S a Group / Community.” Here at least, it is that of the loyal Members / Friends that are still here are what makes the Group / Community what it is, and why it is still here!

Many people just like any other Group / Community have come and gone, but here, they are not easily forgotten, many people don’t realize their gifts, and that’s what makes them (us) unique, and with that, they may not even realize how much of their own Inspiration is still felt here!

Luckily my drive, passion, and inspiration never did lose focus! And I have many, many *Here to Thank for That!*

“Our Vision” still remains the same:

“To provide a Safe, Warm, Encouraging Environment!”

The individuals here @ Mental Health Support Community are “Beautiful Inside and Out!”

Communicating back and forth with other Members / Friends allowed me to focus more on others and not so much on my own situation, and that lifted me emotionally. Through the Group I found my true self again.

Now I want to offer this Group / Community of support as a Safe Haven that I hope and pray others will find as a place of Warmth, Comfort, and Safety, like I found when I was searching for Help. That is one of our many, many Goals!

To provide:

A Safe, Non-Judgmental Environment of Freedom in which to discuss all Manner’S of Mental Health and Wellness Diagnosis!

Come and Meet, Greet, Share and Support each other!


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