Enjoy your own company affirmations

I am comfortable with myself
I enjoy being on my own
I love who I am
I am in touch with my true self
I enjoy the silence of my own mind
I am creative and clever when on my own
I am at peace when I’m alone
Being by myself opens me up to new ideas
I enjoy being immersed in my own thoughts
Being alone is rewarding for me

Future Tense Affirmations 
I will explore who I really am 
I will stop being afraid of being alone
I will stop needing a constant social current to pull me
I will understand that being alone isn’t the same as being lonely
I will learn new things about myself
I will appreciate myself for all that I am
I will take the time to understand myself
I am beginning to enjoy my own company
I will be encouraged by my inner strength
I will listen to my intuition

Natural Affirmations
I am naturally relaxed on my own
I always give myself the time and attention I deserve
I understand who I am through my own eyes
I have found myself through being alone
I am attuned to all of my personal needs and desires
I have learned to love who I am through introversion
I am discovering new things about myself every day
I see myself for the person I really am
I look forward to spending time alone
Only I can unlock my true happiness

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