Work Sheet’S

New Medicines:

Questions to ask the Doctor?

Ask the following questions if your doctor recommends a new medicine for your health condition.

General Questions:

What is the name of the medicine?_______________________________________________________________________ Brand name (trade name) Generic name (chemical name)?

What will the medicine do (for example, decrease blood pressure)? ____________________________________________

Why do I need this medicine? ____________________________________________________________________________

Are there any other medicine or treatment options? _________________________________________________________

Is medicine covered by my provincial health plan? __________________________________________________________

Is a generic form of the medicine available and appropriate for me? ___________________________________________

Can I start with a prescription for a few days to make sure the medicine agrees with me? _________________________

Questions to ask about taking this Medicine?

How is the medicine taken (for example, orally [by mouth] or through a skin patch)? _____________________________

What amount do I take each time (dose)? __________________________________________________________________

How often should it be taken (for example, 3 times a day)? ___________________________________________________

When? ________________________________________________________________________________________________

1 Should I take it with or without food? _____________________________________________________________________

What should I avoid while taking it (for example, certain foods, activities, other medicines, or alcohol)? ______________

Will it interact with other medicines I am currently taking or other medical conditions? ____________________________

Yes No If yes, what might occur? _________________________________________________________________________

What are the common side effects (those that do not usually cause problems)? ___________________________________

What side effects should I report if I experience them? _______________________________________________________

What do I do if I miss a dose? ____________________________________________________________________________

How long will I need to take this medicine (days, weeks, months)? _____________________________________________

How will I know that the medicine is helping? _______________________________________________________________

What is the next step if this medicine doesn’t work? __________________________________________________________


• Be sure you understand your doctor’s instructions. _________________________________________________________

• State any concerns you have about taking the medicine. ____________________________________________________

For example, ask if “4 doses daily” means taking a dose every 6 hours around the clock or just during regular waking hours. _______________________________________________________________________________________________