Emotional intelligence

Self Awareness :

If you have emotional Intelligence, you will be able to recognize and gauge your emotions. For example, he will be able to differentiate between need , love, and despair, or disdain and jealousy. You will also be aware of the impact your emotions have on others. To improve your self awareness try to know what know what causes your emotions and why, and try to differentiate between your emotions when you are overcome by more than one emotion at once….

Self Management :

If you have high emotional intelligence you will be able to adapt your responses to different circumstances and situations. You will curb your impulsive tendencies, and will not blindly follow the crowd….

Social awareness :

The ability to sense and understand the emotions of others, and how people interact in social settings is the next level of Emotional Intelligence…..

Relationship Management :

People with extremely high Levels of emotional intelligence are the most successful at influencing and guising others, at solving social conflicts, and at managing situations so as to achieve and outcome that is most advantageous for everyone involved….

The support team

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