Emotional intelligence

Made a mistake its Harnessing Stress

Periods of acute stress s not bad. if we know how to harness them.

When stress floods our bodies and brains, we can choose to use that stress to power through important tasks and events, or we can let that stress shut us down and hurt us.

The problem with most people is that they dont knwo how to use stress effectively. They focus so much on ts stigmatized qualities that they failt to realize how useful it can be.

Moreover, some people become so accustomed to getting stressed, that they dont know how to escape. They alloq stress to define them, and in the end, they quickly become people they, and others, resent .

Stress is one of the main reasons for relationship issues. Couples stress over money, children, jobs, interests, time in the day- you name it.
Friends stress over not feeling appreciated, valued, acknowledged or included. Relatives family members aquaintacies and coworkers can all share similar difficulties. The important thing to remember is:

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