Control your emotions affirmations

control your emotions

Present Tense Affirmations 
I am in control of my emotions 
I am always centered and calm
I always keep control of myself at all times
My mind is focused, clear, and logical
I stay calm in stressful situations
I am strong and in control
I am able to deal with stressful situations in a controlled manner
I feel emotions without losing control
I deal with excess emotions in a positive way
My emotions are under control at all times

Future Tense Affirmations 
I will remain calm 
I will control my emotions
I am transforming into someone who is naturally calm and collected
Others are beginning to notice how in control of myself I am
I am finding it easier to calm myself down
I am gaining more control over my emotions with each passing day
Controlling my emotions is becoming easier and easier
I am beginning to think logically, even in stressful situations
Stressful situations are becoming easier to deal with
I will deal with my emotions in a positive fashion

Natural Affirmations
Controlling my emotions is easy for me
Feeling calm is normal for me
I can easily manage my emotions
I can think clearly even in difficult and tense situations
My mind is always calm, clear, and logical
Moderating my emotions is something I just do naturally
I can feel emotions without spinning out of control
Controlling my emotions will improve my life
Others will look to me as someone who remains calm in stressful situations
I have the power to completely control my emotions

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