Doug’s list affirmations from bipolar support

My affirmations, as recorded in an app on my phone:

I am responsible for my own attitude.
I am an efficient, energetic, healthy, fit person who can handle anything that arises today.
In this present moment I am happy and satisfied.
I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.
I am mindful of my breath in each moment.
I live what I know, always.
I see all of the beauty and grace which is around me with loving gratitude.

I have the will power and the mind power to overcome my challenges.
I choose the be happy, confident and fulfilled.
I always treat my mother with patience, kindnesss and love.
I am valuable and I treat myself accordingly.
I am important. I am worthy, I am irreplaceable.
I am going to be the best I can be every day.
I see the good in every situation.
I find it easy to do what I know is best.
I am in control of the situation.
I have as much to offer the world as the next person.


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