Let your emotions out affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations 
I always express my emotions 
I let others know how I am really feeling
I always speak my mind
I show the world who I truly am
I allow others to see the real me
I stand up for myself and tell people how I feel
I am in touch with my deepest emotions
I stand up for what I believe in
I am comfortable confronting others and telling them how I feel
I show my true self to family and friends

Future Tense Affirmations 
I will let my emotions out 
I am transforming into someone who is unafraid of being their true self
I will always express my opinion
I am finding it easier to tell others how I am feeling
I will always stand up for myself
I am developing the courage to show people the real me
It is becoming easier to say what I want
I will always tell others what I really think
Letting my emotions out is starting to feel normal
I will show people the real me

Natural Affirmations
Expressing my emotions comes naturally to me
I love sharing my feelings with others
Telling others what I think is important to me
Letting out my emotions is healthy
Expressing my emotions is improving the way I feel
I am the kind of person who just tells others how I feel and what I want
It is important that I voice my opinion
It feels good to show people the real me
I have the courage to be myself at all times
I stand up for what I believe in

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