Loving yourself positive affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations 
I love myself unconditionally 
I am a good person who deserves to be happy
I take pride in who I am
I am happy just being me
I am totally comfortable being myself
I have limitless confidence in my abilities
I accept myself deeply and completely
I have accomplished great things
Others are inspired by my ability to be myself
I have confidence in my ability to do whatever I set my mind to

Future Tense Affirmations 
I am finding it easier to love and accept myself 
Each day I become more confident in who I am
I will take time to remember all my accomplishments
I will love myself unconditionally no matter what
I am beginning to see all the positive qualities and traits that I have
Others are starting to notice my self acceptance and improved confidence
I am discovering more wonderful things about myself with each passing day
I am beginning to truly love myself
Loving myself feels more natural and effortless
I will always accept myself unconditionally

Natural Affirmations
Loving myself is essential to my happiness
I deserve to go after my goals and do what makes me happy
I find it easy to recognize my positive qualities
Being happy with myself is a normal part of my every day life
I find it easy to be confident and comfortable with who I am
Accepting myself unconditionally gives me the power to succeed
I know I have the right to be happy and nothing can take that away from me
Loving myself and being happy with who I am comes naturally to me
I truly like myself and this helps others to accept me for who I am
I have a natural awareness of all the positive things in my life

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