Present Tense Affirmations

I am in love with my partner

I respect my partner deeply
I am able to be my true self around my partner
I communicate my wants and needs clearly
I always take into consideration the perspective of my partner
I am constantly striving to grow the love between my partner and myself
I am able to draw boundaries when needed
I go out of my way to support my partner
I am tuned in to the wants and needs of my partner

Future Tense Affirmations

I will develop a healthy relationship with my partner

I will be a wonderful spouse
I am starting to feel more and more in love
I will act with respect and care towards my partner
I am constantly developing and growing my relationship
Each day I feel closer to my partner
I am able to communicate clearly
I will always be honest and loving towards my partner
My relationship is improving each and every day
I will express my wants and needs clearly

Natural Affirmations

I deserve to have a healthy relationship

I can respectfully communicate my feelings
Having a healthy relationship is extremely important to me
I do everything possible to nurture the love I have for my partner
My partner respects and cherishes me
Honest communication is one of my natural strengths
Having a healthy and loving relationship is just a normal part of my life
Drawing boundaries and fostering respect is important
Listening to my partners feelings is very important to me
Building a healthy relationship is worthy of any and all effort.

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