Creating your own affirmations

Affirmations are about changing limiting beliefs and allowing more positive energies into your life.

Using the affirmations that have been crafted by others can be very beneficial to allowing this, but sometimes creating your own affirmations that are closer to your own heart can yield greater results for you personally. This goes back to choosing your affirmations wisely. 

When creating a new affirmation from yourself, it’s important to know and understand what you don’t want. It stands to reason that the opposite of what you don’t want is what you do want and that is what needs to be the focus of the affirmation.

For instance, you no longer want to be in financial debt. The opposite of not being in financial debt is being wealthy, therefore the focus of your affirmation needs to be on wealth and being wealthy.

It’s important not to focus on what you don’t want in your affirmations because you will end up getting more of it any way. What your mind fixates on is what it will draw into your life without regard to negation. That means, words like ‘not, don’t, no’ have no meaning. This is why it is important to focus on the positive aspects of what you desire instead of the negative aspects of what you don’t.

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