You all along


You’ve been here before this place is not new.

Your soul has been broken but you know what to do.

You pick up the pieces and move on with your life.

These spaces of emptiness now leave room for new light.

You have to rely on yourself to get by.

And You cannot do that by wallowing deep into despair

nothing beautiful can begin to grow there.

You must not waste time being stuck in the past

You have to remember the pain will not last.

That chapter is over, it has been written in stone.

There is no way to change it, no matter how much you regret.

Just steer straight ahead and please don’t forget

No matter what happens, there are better days yet.

Don’t get caught up on the past or memories you miss

Don’t sit there and think of all the things that went wrong

You’ve made it this far and that proves you are strong.

Life teaches us lessons we must learn to accept.

A lesson you will never forget.

Now you’ve learned what you needed so take that and run

Run free without weight of the past holding you down

You have found a new freedom and a new depth of love

It was you all along

The person you needed was you to help you become strong….

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