6 Signs Your Sadness Is NOT Going To Just Go Away (Sorry)

Your life just doesn’t feel RIGHT.

I haven’t met anyone in my life who, at one time or another, has NOT experienced depression.

I’m not talking about experiencing overwhelming sadness or excessive crying into a puddle of helplessness.

I’m talking about the constant feeling of being numb.

This overwhelming numb feeling is a result of being disconnected from your vision. This is the true expression (in everyday living) of the big plan for your life. Life just doesn’t feel RIGHT when you’re NOT living your vision.

Let’s face it, when you’re connected to your vision you feel at ease with what you’re doing and where you’re going in your life and there’s no discomfort or feeling of being unsettled. Nothing is missing and your life has solid footing.

Isn’t this the complete opposite of when you’re feeling so numb? When you’re numb you probably don’t even feel your two feet on the ground!

Here are 6 hidden signs that you’re disconnected from your vision and your depression is really, REALLY real.

1. You don’t realize you have a purpose and life vision.

2. You feel as though you’ve been trained to do what others want, and that you’ve gradually lost touch with your dreams.

3. You feel generally unaware, and operate mostly on a subconscious level, as though you’re sleepwalking through life.

4. You feel numbed by stress, as though you function like a robot and at only the most rudimentary of levels.

5. You lack self-prioritization and don’t put yourself first — even though you’re the center of your “YOU-niverse.”

6. You’re afraid to dream BIG — or feel it is safer for you to dream small — because you believe just don’t deserve more.

The biggest sign that you’re REALLY depressed and disconnected is that you feel numb to your own emotions.

You wake up in the morning without a purpose and sense of direction, so you naturally want to go back to bed again. Days are long and filled with annoying obstacles that need to be faced. You find yourself grasping onto anything that can get you through the day. As the day progresses, you lose ground, and your self-esteem, self-worth and inner confidence get uprooted.

What’s worse is that you lose your innate ability to dream.

The answer is not a quick fix through the consumption of drugs, alcohol or cigarettes.

People need support to reconnect with their “inner dreamer” — the part of us that knows anything is possible, and that we can create anything we want in our life. People need support to reconnect with their capacity to create the experiences they have in their life.

The unconcealed solution is to take initiative and responsibility for your outcomes by seeking to create what you REALLY want in your life and make clear choices every day.

You MUST choose to live your vision!

Here are some recommendations to help you connect to your vision and ease your feelings of depression:

  • Be proactive: Don’t habitually wait for things to happen.
  • Be positive: Always anticipate success.
  • Assume abundance: Believe there will always be plenty of opportunities and resources.
  • Be creative: Seek new ideas and opportunities beyond the immediate past and present.
  • Be assertive: Ask for what you want, and say “no” to what you don’t want.
  • Take risks: Accept rejection and failure as part of life, and don’t take it personally.
  • Be goal oriented: Clearly define and vigorously pursue your goals.

Get the support you need to succeed.

Be bold, be brilliant, and be REAL.

You’ve got this!

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