10 Stars You Didn’t Know Struggled With Depression

These stars all struggled with depression.

Not too long ago, people didn’t really understand depression. A lot of well-intentioned people still thought of it as something someone could just will themselves out of. They thought depression was just feeling sad about stuff, and that people needed to just get over it, whatever it was. Over the last few years, unfortunately, there have been enough high profile cases of depression that have caused people to realize that it is a real, clinical condition.

Several high profile stories of celebrities suffering from depression hit the news, and not all of them had happy endings. While these stories were tragic, they helped people realize the seriousness of the condition. Many people believe that celebrities live charmed lives, but they’re not immune to medical problems.

Often times, people who have to deal with issues like depression end up making the most interesting art. The thing that makes them interesting is also the thing that hurts them the most. Here are 10 celebrities that you might not realize have suffered from depression.

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