Stop Complaining Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I always think positively
I easily deal with negative situations
I always find something nice to say
I am optimistic
I am happy even when under stress
My mind is focused on the positive side of life
I seek out the bright side of every situation
I am calm and relaxed when something doesn’t go my way
I am able to deal with stress appropriately
Others look up to me as someone who is always positive


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stop complaining
I will always seek out the positive in every situation
I will improve my attitude
Thinking positively is becoming easier
I am transforming into someone who is always optimistic and helpful
The words I speak are becoming more and more positive
Others are starting to notice a positive change in my attitude
I am finding myself more at ease and relaxed in situations that used to bother me
I will be the kind of person who always has something nice to say
I am noticing myself more naturally focused on the brighter side of life


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy being positive and friendly
I can easily find something funny about an annoying situation
Being optimistic comes naturally to me
My words are always positive and encouraging
I am naturally supportive of others
Others look to me for positive feedback and guidance
I am a naturally positive person
I can easily remain calm and relaxed in the most difficult situations
I am much happier when I avoid complaining
Others enjoy being around me because I’m so positive
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