Dream Your Reality Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I dream my reality from my heart, and love abides in all
My dreams create the sensuality in my life, all is well with me
I am dreaming my purpose into being right this moment
My consciousness dreams as much as my unconsciousness
In my dreams, I am finding ways to fulfil myself with love
Dreams are the foundations of everyday miracles
My dreams come to fruition, I am the Co-creator of my life with the Universe
It is my dream that I wake up for each day
With a powerful dream, I can feel the sensations of positive growth
I dream and believe in a world where I am valued for myself


Future Tense Affirmations
I will dream a castle in my heart that holds the roots to my happiness
Dreaming everyday, as a way to manifest my gifts, I will love the dreamer unconditionally
In my day dreaming, I will take the time to envision the details of my best life
When I dream tomorrow and tomorrow, I will remember that today started with love and only love matters
As my dreams progress, I will remember , it is my birthright to be happy and whole
I will dream the solution to todays challenge, and it will no longer be a problem, but a blessing
When I sit and dream, behind my eyes, a wiseness will mature and my dreams will unfold accordingly
I may dream several times a day, changing the dream to include my heart’s desires
This dreaming state will follow me in my smile, so I can share my secret joy with others
Besides dreaming each day, I will take one step into the dream and two steps into the reality they create


Natural Affirmations
The dream state is the primorvial soup which created the ether called life
Dreams show themselves to us in the bloom of a flower, the smile of a child and our own innocent in loving the rain
For dreams to be weathered, like an old sweater, we must put them on and keep loving their promise
We have dreams to show ourselves that miracles happen in thought, first, and then bloom into our lives, just in time
Whether we dream because we need to, or dream because we want to, we all dream and in this, our humanity is tied together
In the brightest dreams, a shadow may appear, it isn’t fear of failure, it is fear of getting our wish
Dreamers have cast visions, in the past we called them magicians, now we call them scientist
I am a dreamer and I will be remembered for the great things I have done
I am a dreamer and I have choice, I create my own existence
I am visualizing, wishing and dreaming my ideal lifestyle into my reality
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