Tap Into Your Personal Power Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I am directly tapped into my personal power
I have full command of my personal power
I am in tune with my personal power and in full control of it
I am naturally able to command my personal power and I am successful because of this
I always act in the moment and get things done as they need doing
I am a natural action taker
I act on my desires immediately and without hesitation
I can achieve anything I set my mind to
I am motivated and driven and I always follow through on my goals and plans
I believe in myself 100% and I can achieve the lifestyle I desire


Future Tense Affirmations
I am becoming more in touch with my personal power every single day
I will take control of my personal power
I am finding myself more driven, ambitious and focused on my goals
I am turning into someone who is naturally motivated, ambitious and focused on creating success
I am becoming a natural action taker
I will always act on my desires and motivations
I will act in the moment, without hesitation, every single time
I am turning into a focused, productive, action orientated individual
I am starting to see success and positive improvement from taking control of my mind
I am starting to live my dream reality and moving towards it every single day


Natural Affirmations
My personal power comes naturally to me
I find it easy to tap into my personal power
Being in full command of my mind and body comes naturally and effortlessly
Being successful is my natural rite
Success is something I just achieve naturally through following my desires and taking action
Taking action upon my desires is my natural way of life
My personal power to act, live in the moment and follow my dreams is my greatest asset
People see me as someone who takes action and works all out to achieve their dreams
People look up to me as a driven, ambitious and successful person
Taking action as soon as I have the instinct to is the reason for my success
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