Compassion, the Spiritual Catalyst

No, the most powerful emotion is not fear. It’s not anger either. I’m going to tell you what it is, and I’m going to tell you that it’s an attribute of love. You might say, “Oh, that’s very, very nice, and we knew you were going to say that.” Yes, but it’s not actually love!
We’re going to identify the attribute of an emotion that is the center of The Third Language. The Third Language is defined as that language between the Human Being and the Higher Self. It also contains something that is a catalyst to power. It’s called “compassion.” It is difficult to define, this Third Language, for it is interdimensional. When the Human Being feels true compassion for family, for self, and for the planet, an energy of communication is created that was never there before, and you can feel it.

Some of you have felt these things in your meditations. Some of you are looking for certain kinds of feelings when you pray. Turn to compassion. How many of you are aware of a “feedback” feeling when you meditate—one that floods you or tingles you or touches you on the head? How many of you are aware of what that is? You brought yourselves to a level where you could feel and experience the energy of compassion. That triggered communication, and you felt the feedback of the guide energy and the Higher Self.

Meditation and Prayer

Let me ask you this, dear ones. How do you meditate? How do you pray? Compassion is the language of co-creation. How many of you co-create for yourselves? Now we’re getting down to the practical. Do you sit in front of Spirit and say: “Oh Spirit, I need this and that”? Do you say, “Oh Spirit, I have to explain something to you before you can help me; you need to know how this or that is working”?

Dear ones, we know you, we know exactly what you’re in need of, and we love you. Human Being, we know all about you, so you don’t have to explain anything!

We are saying to you that compassion is a trigger during your communication to Spirit, not the language or energy of simply asking or being loved. We are talking about generating the “thickness of love.”
It is compassion that is the key, and when you feel compassion, it is returned to you within a two-way path of interaction. You start to feel us when we feel the compassion of the energy within you. It creates communication. It translates the untranslatable. We’re here to tell you that this is yours alone. The animals do not feel sacred compassion, and you do. No other living thing on your planet can create this kind of energy.
What about co-creation, synchronicity, and healing? How do you do this, you might ask? Why doesn’t it work every time? The answer is that you often use too many words! Come, be quiet, and sit in front of Spirit. We know everything that is going on in your lives. Acknowledge this, and be still before the grandness of God. Become compassionate, and marry to your Higher Self!

For profound power in your lives, and a fast connection to the Higher Self, learn how to develop compassion—to feel it in your soul and heart. Feel compassion for those around you—compassion for the situation they are in—compassion for humanity and the earth. Visualize the things you wish, and thereby begin to co-create them. Visualize yourselves without disease, without worry, and without anxiety. Then actually revel in the feeling! Celebrate the purity of your existence.

Feel compassion for the moment, for the piece of God that is you. Feel compassion for the children of Earth, and even though you may say that this is unrelated to what you need at the moment, do it anyway. In this new energy of incredible creative power, you don’t understand what this does, for the compassion that you create tells the whole story to the Higher Self and opens the channel of communication.

Compassion is the code of The Third Language, and when you are able to use it within your prayers and meditations and visualizations, the answers and solutions come in. Compassion creates synchronicity. It creates your reality. It creates healing in your body.

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