4 Easy Steps to Inner Peace

The mind is the source of Happiness and Unhappiness…..

4 Easy Steps to Inner Peace

Do you long for inner peace?

Are you ready to experience a REAL feeling of calm inside?

Try this:

Step 1.  Identify whatever idea you are holding onto which prevents you from feeling peace right now in this moment .  NAME IT.    We’re not talking about naming your circumstance.  We’re talking about identifying your BELIEFS about your circumstance.

Step 2.  Become willing to let it go.  Make believe you CAN let it go.  What would it be like if that belief DIDN’T EXIST?  How would you feel without that idea?  What would your life be like without that thought?  Who would you be if you were no longer holding onto that limiting belief?

Now…. right now… do you feel a sense of relief?  If not, then you have more to let go of.

Step 3)  Wash.  Rinse.  Repeat.  Start from Step 1 and do it again.  Name the next piece which is disturbing your sense of well-being.  Firstidentify the belief or attitude, and then become willing to let go of those thoughts that are causing upset.  Repeat the first two steps over and over until you feel a release.
Step 4)  Check inside again. Can you feel the absence of upset?  THAT’S PEACE.  Can you feel a clean, fresh feeling?  Take a deep breath of it. That’s peace.

What would you be willing to give up to keep this feeling of peace?
What would you be willing to do to stay peaceful?  (Hint: If you want to keep the feeling of peace, don’t allow your upsetting thoughts to come back and play in your mind. Just say, “I’ve had enough of you.”)

I know what you’re thinking, “Paige, This is RIDICULOUS.  How will erasing my upsetting thought give me lasting peace?  It’s still a problem in my life!  I can’t just quit life and sit on a mountaintop!  I’ve got real challenges!”

The Fine Print
Every time you allow yourself a break from the anxious thinking (it has to be a true break), you REWIRE your brain to make space for more feelings of calmness.  Every rest you take is BUILDING UPON THE LAST.  So, you are actually creating forward movement every time you remember to let go.  Peace is built one moment at a time.  Today, you might live without your worrisome thoughts once.  Tomorrow, you may rest from your anxieties twice.  The next day you might practice taking a break four times, and so on.

But don’t worry about tomorrow or the next day.  Just sit for a minute NOW and imagine what it would feel like for your worry to magically disappear… as if you had a magic wand!


WHO DO YOU BECOME without your fear, worry, anxiety or trouble?

My guess is that you become quiet, powerful, and FREE.

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