Overcoming Shyness Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I am outgoing
I am overcoming shyness
I am relaxed, easygoing, and social
I am confident when meeting new people
I take the lead in large groups
I speak my mind with confidence
I always share my thoughts and feelings
I am confident and relaxed when talking to the opposite sex
I am comfortable socializing with strangers
I am confident, positive, and friendly


Future Tense Affirmations
I will overcome my shyness
I will make positive connections with others
I am turning into someone who just loves to socialize and meet new people
I am becoming more extroverted every day
Talking to strangers is becoming easier and easier
Speaking up for myself is beginning to feel more natural
I will have a full and exciting social life
I am finding it easier to be relaxed around the opposite sex
I will confidently speak my mind
Being outgoing and social is the most natural thing in the world


Natural Affirmations
Being outgoing is normal
Being confident is my natural right
I am naturally social, friendly, and warm
I enjoy meeting new people
Others love my outgoing personality
I give off positive energy to others
It is normal for me to be completely relaxed and confident in social situations
Socializing and meeting new people makes me happy
Speaking confidently to the opposite sex is something I just do naturally
Sharing my thoughts and feelings is easy for me
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