Misery and Hope

My life is like a sad story;
Constantly being repeated,
Like a chapter that just keeps being rewritten over and over again,

People see me smile and hear my laugh;
But that don’t mean my isnt heart is screaming for help,
My eyes sparkle and glow but that don’t mean they haven’t cried for nights and days,
My heart is big and caring for all those who know;
But I put up a wall because…,
I’ve been badly hurt by those I loved;
I come off as a jerk a stubborn girl at times,
But really all I am is just scared;
Of being torn and ripped apart from who I am,

Other people don’t see my pain;
Because I hide it so well,
Though I wish someone would look in my brown eyes;
And tell me I know I feel your hurt,
But sadly life don’t always go that way;

For here and now I just let my heart go,
To free the pain that I’ve been through ;
Though life’s not always about pain,
the day I saw joy in my brothers eye’s again;
Brought love and hope back in mine,
Everywhere I see pain, I seek i shall never let another heart live through this misery like I did;

My love I give but I never receive,
All those people who never believed in me;
should see the way my heart really is,
I give and I give and hope someday I bring hope to those in need



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