Life of My Design Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I am living a life of my own design
I am confident with my skills and abilities
I am an action taker
I am free of any negativie thinking, I only think positively
I am extremly focused on achieving success
I am in 100% control of my own life
I find it easy to think positive
I find it easy to set goals and achieve them
I am a hard worker
I have an intense desire to get all I can from life


Future Tense Affirmations
I will keep moving forward no matter what happens
I will live a life of my design
I am finding myself more confident each day
I am turning into someone who is highly focused
I am finding myself more sure of myself by the day
I will go after what I want
I will have detailed plans to achieving my goals
I am turning into a success magnet
I am transforming into someone who shuns the daily grind and goes after what they want
I will take action every day


Natural Affirmations
I have everything I need to get where I want to get in life
I find it easy to think only positive thoughts
I know I am destined for great things
When I think about my dreams I get a rush of excitement
I know that my future is going to be nothing short of amazing
Taking action is easy for me
I enjoy going after the things I truly want
People are always saying how hard working I am
People look up to me as a source of living life on your own terms
I always have high levels of motivation
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