Positive self talk

Present Tense Affirmations
I encourage myself
I am fully confident in myself
I see only the good things in myself
I destroy negative self talk
I am immune to negative thinking
I utilize positive self talk to my advantage
I talk to my mind as needed
I am a strong individual
Positive self talk ensures my independence
I use positive self talk regularly


Future Tense Affirmations
I will get rid of internal negativeness
I will tell myself only positive things
I will stop seeing the bad things in me
I will repeat positive affirmations on a regular basis
I will focus on the positive moments of my life
I will stop comparing myself to others
I will stop putting myself down
My self-image will improve with positive self talk
I am becoming more upbeat
I will stop saying “I can’t”


Natural Affirmations
I naturally talk myself up
I was born a positive person
My awareness of negative talk helps me to eliminate it
I see myself for what I truly am
I constantly remind myself of the good things in my life
I concentrate on my positive attributes
I am naturally my own life coach
I avoid personal doubts
I naturally overcome personal challenges
I know that I am a beautiful person
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