I’ve always been a passionate person, luckily, for without that passion I would have no drive.
I lost about every ounce of passion on the day I got DX (diagnosed), on January 15th, 15 years ago, as Bipolar I with Mixed States, and a Rapid Cycling, amongst other DX , as well as my job of 8 years!
Everything I do in my life comes form my heart, where my passion lies, without that passion I have no drive.
A few years later I became more educated, understanding towards myself, and accepting of my DX, I picked up that pen and felt the passion return again!
Compassion is meant to be shared, and spread through the unchanging truths of one’s hope for friendship, support and understanding through many of our own creative ways.
Infusing our fresh expression of our own faithful way on how to cope, daily, hourly, or at times for me by the minute! I am going to tell you as you already probably know it, it is very tiring and down right exhausting!
Luckily my drive, passion, and inspiration never did lose focus!
So take a chance, and go beyond the ordinary, it may take some time, but I can promise you, you won’t regret it!

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