12. Improve Visualization Positive Affirmations

— Present Tense Affirmations —

I am improving my visualization skills

I am able to visualize in high detail

I have total control over my visualizations

Sight, sound, taste and smell are all things that I can easily visualize

My mind is clear and focused on visualizing success

I visualize positive change and manifest it into reality

I always visualize in maximum detail

I use visualization to manifest massive success

I easily visualize the feelings and emotions associated with reaching my goals

I use the power of visualization to manifest the life I want

— Future Tense Affirmations —

I will improve my visualization skills

My visualization skills are beginning to improve

I will shape my reality with intensely vivid visualization

I am transforming my mind with the power of visualization

I will use visualization to achieve my goals and live a life of success and abundance

I am transforming into someone who has a natural visualization ability

Each day I visualize in higher and higher detail

My visualizations are becoming stronger and more powerful

I will use visualization to reprogram my subconscious

— Natural Affirmations —

My mind is focused and clear when I visualize

Visualization is just a normal part of my every day life

I naturally visualize in high detail

Colors, sounds, tastes and smells are easy for me to visualize

Visualization strengthens my subconscious and prepares me for success

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