7. Attract Romance Positive Affirmations

— Present Tense Affirmations —

I am attracting romance

The law of attraction is attracting romance into my life

My mind is perfectly attuned to attracting a romantic relationship

I radiate a loving energy that will draw romantic passion into my life

My thoughts are effortlessly concentrated on attracting romance

I am attracting a romantic relationship

Others see me as someone who is passionate and exciting

I am full of romantic energy

I am visualizing what it will feel like to have the romance of my dreams

I am ready for romance

— Future Tense Affirmations —

I will attract romance

I am beginning to attract romance into my life

I will use the law of attraction to produce a powerfully romantic experience

I can feel what it will be like to have a passionate romance

I have a deep yearning to feel passion and romance

I just naturally give off a romantic energy that others are drawn to

I truly believe that I will attract romance into my life

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