Attract money positive affirmations

3. Attract Money Positive Affirmations

— Present Tense Affirmations —

I am wealthy

I always have money

I attract financial abundance

My mind is finely tuned for attracting massive wealth

I always think positively about money

I have many financial opportunities

I always find a way to make a large profit

I am rich and prosperous

My life is full of abundance

I am focused on achieving wealth

— Future Tense Affirmations —

I am becoming wealthier

My bank account is always growing

Money will be flowing into my life

I am finding it easier to attract money

Financial opportunities are coming my way

I will be financially successful

I will attract wealth into my life

Positive thinking is beginning to attract money into my life

I am becoming rich

My positive attitude is beginning to attract large sums of money

— Natural Affirmations —

Attracting money is easy

I effortlessly attract abundance

I deserve to be wealthy

My bank account never seems to stop growing

I am highly focused on achieving financial success

I fully believe in my ability to attract money

I have a money mindset

Money just always seems to come my way

I naturally attract money and material abundance

I am like a magnet to money

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