Bipolar from A-Z

Bipolar From A to Z

Angered by the smallest things

Bipolar disorder is my king

Conveying thoughts, hard to do

Distractions overwhelm; I’m subdued

Energy level at an all time low

Frustration beyond reason is my foe

Going places; standing idle fast

Hanging onto, “normal” visions of past

Imminent danger doesn’t seem real

Justifying my reasons; unable to feel

Kidnapped my soul, without a fee

Learning to cope and trust only me

Manic depression, or so they say

Negotiating terms of a mindset betray

Oppressed memories, trailing behind

Paralyzing thoughts, not hard to find

Quaintly waiting for me to confess

Raging temper at its very best

Selective my hearing, taking my soul

Tearful manipulation is my goal

Unconventional ideas; lies I must bare

Venomously I have waited, for my share

Wishfully longing for your return

X-rays show a mental psychosis learned

Yesterday’s genius, today’s broken plea
Zanily waiting for my turn to be FREE

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