Attract opportunities affirmations


— Present Tense Affirmations —

I attract opportunities

I am completely tuned-in to the opportunities that surround me

I always take advantage of a new opportunity

My mind is focused on manifesting positive opportunities

Opportunity is here right now

I am an opportunity magnet

I am always surrounded by fresh opportunities

I attract exciting opportunities wherever I go

I am thankful for every opportunity that comes my way

I constantly attract new opportunities into my life

— Future Tense Affirmations —

I will manifest new and exciting opportunities

I am noticing an expansion in my awareness of opportunities

Each day I grow in my ability to attract opportunities

New opportunities are coming my way

I will seize every opportunity that comes my way

I will always recognize a new opportunity

I am beginning to see more and more opportunities

My belief in my ability to manifest opportunity is becoming stronger

I am starting to see massive opportunities all around me

I am transforming into someone who effortlessly attracts positive opportunities

— Natural Affirmations —

I am naturally tuned-in to all the opportunities of life

I naturally attract opportunities

Opportunities just always seem to come my way

Being aware of every available opportunity is just a normal part of my life

I find it easy to manifest a fresh opportunity whenever I want

Opportunity is just around the corner

I easily notice that opportunity exists all around me

Each day presents completely new and exciting opportunities

Positive opportunities seem to be naturally attracted to me

Acting on positive opportunities without hesitation comes naturally to me

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