Running out of time

Time. It’s an interesting thing.

Too much of it is bad, but so is too little.

We seem to always be running out of time, it sees us and flees, a shadow in the night.

Time. The most precious thing in the world.

Used up and tossed away like a joke told one too many times.

It always seems to catch up to us, time.

We run and hide like children, scared of the dark, scared of what will come next, scared of running out of time.

Time. You can’t avoid it.

But really, what is time?
A human creation to explain the world around us.
To make us feel like there is a point.
Time. Only an idea.
A place with a blue and yellow sky, with mountains that glisten orange in the light.

A place where clocks melt, a place with no time.
A bending of the rules.
Time. Such an important thing.

The biggest human fear.

Running out of time.

You start to feel comfortable, like you’ve escaped time,

When suddenly,




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