Some one to care


I am used and displaced
No one is coming
And no one will ever come
But no one tries
I wait for them to care
Quiet and unseen
They are around me
I am alone
My heart shouts lies
Saying that I deserve to be here
I am lonely waiting for them to care
I am sad inside and in my mind
I cry at night for no reason at all
I feel pain and hurt but there are no wounds
I cry and am lonely waiting for them to care
I bleed for those to hear me cry
I am trying to be free
I hear my heart say to me
Just die
I am bleeding
And crying
Waiting for them to care
What it is like to be alone
To be depressed and anxious
To be mocked and scorned for a thing I can’t control
I understand the pain you feel
When you are bleeding
Waiting for someone to care.

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