I am fine

U can tell
Deep down I know too that I’m not ok
Only it doesn’t show through
Not 2 the rest
They believe I am find
Until u put me 2 the test
Until I break down and whine
I want 2 feel sad
Not 4 myself
That’s all that’s been had
Can I be depressed that u have dismissed my help
They do lot notice the reality
No one sees me true
All I do is suppress
Though I do not want 2
It is others who r wounded
However I can not comprehend
Why they can not pretend
Their emotions make them real
Where mine hide who I am
I cannot control who I am
I cannot control how I feel
Wen I am only sure while I rant
They think I am heartless
But is it wrong 2 protect something priceless
It is easier 2 be departed
Rather than hold o 2 the garbage
This is not actuality
I do not hurt yet u do
It is 2 late 2 be someone new.

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