Affirmation list

Here is a list with 20 affirmations to help you remain a positive thinker in challenging times:

  1. No matter the hardships I face, I am always able to think positive and focus on the good that is in my life!
  2. My life brings me experiences from which I grow and improve myself!
  3. I always think positive thoughts and surround myself with positive people!
  4. I am a creative person, and I am always able to find a way out!
  5. I remain a positive thinker, and I see a bright future in front of me!
  6. My positive thoughts bring positive results to me!
  7. My positive thinking never stops! Yes, I am a positive thinker, and I focus on the good in my life!
  8. I am able to nourish bright, joyful, positive thoughts and to concentrate my attention on me feeling good!
  9. I feel good, no matter what – I feel good! Yes, nothing is able to make me feel low!
  10. My positivity is unstoppable! I am unstoppable!
  11. I think of myself like a winner, and I always win and achieve success!
  12. I am always able to improve my thinking! I am always able to improve my habits! I am always able to create positive habits!
  13. Yes, I never despair! Yes, I always manage to persevere and welcome the new day with hope in my heart!
  14. Time is my friend, and – at the end – I always manage to accomplish my goals!
  15. I am patient: time works for me! Solutions come to me, and I become able to make the right decisions in my life!
  16. No matter how negative my situation may be, in me is the strength and the power to go on! I am always able to last and persevere! I am power; I am pure strength!
  17. My mind is clear, and I think like a person who is empowered! I feel at peace with the reality that I am in!
  18. Peace settles in my heart, and I become able to see the solutions and the answers that I am looking for!
  19. Even though I may feel low, I remain with a heart full of joy! I find the strength in me to remain happy!
  20. Happiness stays in my life! No matter what, happiness stays; and I remain happy and untroubled! I see solutions and opportunities, and I see happy, bright days!
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