• My strength is greater than any struggle.
  • I can do hard things.
  • It’s okay to have a bad day. Just make sure tomorrow is better!
  • I have the ability to cope and get through this bad day.
  • My feelings are allowed to be here, but they won’t bring me down.
  • I embrace my fears with confidence.
  • These feelings are temporary.
  • I will not worry about things I can’t control.

Are you seeing just how effective affirmations can be once you change your mindset? That’s because they’re so powerful!


Oh man, this is a big one, right? It takes a lot to be confident in every aspect of your life. There’s a pretty good chance you need to work on your confidence because we all do! You can use these basic daily affirmations as they are, or you can add specifics to personalize them to your goals:

  • I am capable of more than I think.
  • Today is the beginning of whatever I want.
  • I have the power to change my story.
  • Yesterday is over and today is going to be a good day!
  • I have got this!
  • There are great opportunities all around me.
  • I am confident I can achieve any goal.
  • I am resilient, strong, and brave.

Don’t those make you feel like you can go rule your life now? You really can, just own your confidence and do the dang thing!


Woman listening to music on the couch, from Fun Cheap or Free

Life can be such a whirlwind. The ups, the downs, the craziness of it all… Sometimes it’s too easy to miss out on what’s right in front of us that we should be thankful for. These daily affirmations help you see just how lucky you truly are:

  • I’m blessed to have a family because not everybody does.
  • Whatever I’m thinking, think bigger!
  • I’ve done my best today.
  • I can create the life I dream of.
  • Don’t compare my life to others! Especially when it comes to social media.
  • I’m grateful for my health.
  • I choose to be happy right now.
  • My life is just beginning.
  • I’m grateful for my friends.
  • The more I give to the world, the more I get.
  • I have the power to change my thoughts.
  • I’m grateful for my house.
  • I focus on positivity for a better me.

Don’t just meander through life, own it, because you only get one! These daily affirmations should help you to bring the positivity you need in your life.

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