Stop Being Embarrassed Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I am confident
I am comfortable in my own skin
I am happy to just be myself
I always speak up and share myself with others
I speak confidently
I am relaxed and calm in social situations
I am naturally outgoing and friendly
I easily laugh off embarrassment and stay relaxed
I am calm under pressure
I take things lightly and always keep a positive attitude


Future Tense Affirmations
I will stay relaxed
I will calm myself down if I start to feel embarrassed
I will simply laugh off embarrassment
I am becoming more and more self confident
I am turning into someone who is easygoing around others
I will stay confident and positive even if I do something embarrassing
I will develop a more light hearted view of embarrassment
I am finding it easier to be myself around others
I will improve my social skills
I will confidently bounce back from any embarrassing mistakes


Natural Affirmations
I find it easy to just be myself
I can easily laugh at my own mistakes
Confidence comes naturally to me
My self confidence makes others accept me for who I am
Being outgoing, relaxed, and positive is normal for me
I am naturally relaxed around others
Feeling confident comes naturally to me
I am happy with myself even if I do something embarrassing
I can easily deal with embarrassment
Mistakes are a natural part of life
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