Naturally Start Conversations Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I can effortlessly come up with conversation topics
I am able to approach others and begin a conversation
I am at ease in social situations
I am able to overcome awkward situations when they arise
I am confident enough to be able to start a conversation
I am good at finding things I have in common with others
I do not care what other people think
I am happy to be myself in a conversation
I can advance my career by starting more conversations
I do not worry about making small talk


Future Tense Affirmations
I will be able to speak to anybody I like
Every day I become more confident
I will not worry about what others think of me
I will not be intimidated by others
I will be able to effortlessly approach people
I will improve my topics for starting conversations
I will be able to make more friends
Every day I become more relaxed in social situations
Starting conversations will begin to feel more natural
I will be more likely to find a soul mate by starting a conversation


Natural Affirmations
Starting a conversation is simple
I enjoy speaking to new people
Making more contacts will help me advance my career
Confidence is a key part of my life
Each time I start a conversation I broaden my horizons
Starting conversations comes naturally to me
People admire my communication skills
Making small talk is easy
I am confident in my personality
Other people have high opinions of my communication skills
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