Organizing Your Prescriptions When You’re Managing a Mental Health Condition

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Twenty percent of Americans take three or more prescriptions each month; you might be among them if you’re managing a mental illness such as depression or schizophrenia. Between these drugs and ones you may be taking for other conditions (such as allergies) — as well as vitamins or supplements that your doctor has recommended — it’s a lot to keep track of. Here are some strategies for managing it all.

Make Sure You Have a Consolidated View of Your Medications

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Create a list of all the medications you currently take, both prescription and nonprescription. Include antidepressants, vitamins, herbal supplements, patches, inhalers, and prescription creams — everything! For each medication, record why you’re taking it along with how much and when to take it. Also record any important food or drug interactions, and any special instructions (such as if the medication should be taken with food). If you’re working closely with a pharmacist, she can help you put together this list. Post a printout where you keep your prescriptions and email a copy to a friend or family member, as well as to your primary care physician. Then set a reminder in your calendar to check the list every few months to ensure it’s up to date.


  • Choose a Pharmacy That Looks Out for You

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    Filling all of your prescriptions in one place is not only more convenient for you, it can also give your pharmacist a single view of your current and past medications. Having this information makes her a healthcare ally by enabling her to alert you to any potential side effects or drug interactions between medications prescribed by different doctors. She can also help you set up automatic refills so you never run out of a medication.

  • Create Reminders

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    Sometimes you can get so busy or fatigued that you forget to refill or take a medication. That’s where technology can help. Use a computer or smartphone calendar to set up recurring alerts to help you remember when it’s time for a refill or dose. The best option? Download PillPack’s medication reminder app.

  • Let Your Pharmacy Do the Work

    Sponsored by PillPack

    PillPack is a full-service online pharmacy that delivers — in all senses of the word. PillPack will mail your prescriptions (as well as vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter medications) right to your door, automatically and on time. Your medications arrive pre-sorted and grouped by the date and time you’re to take them, in clearly labeled packets that include images of your medications, so you’re sure about which drugs you’re taking. Now you can stop manually sorting your medications into plastic pill organizers. Just tear off the next pack and you’ll know you’re taking the right doses at the right time.

    PillPack ships your medications for free — with guaranteed on-time delivery — and manages all your refills, offering you all the advantages of using a pharmacy while ensuring that you never again have to stand in line for a prescription. And like your local pharmacy, PillPack is always open. Should you ever have a question, you can contact a PillPack pharmacist — any time of the day or night — for help.

    Best of all, PillPack is free. You’ll pay the same amount as your health plan’s 30-day co-pays for prescriptions, and PillPack is compatible with most insurance plans.


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