Achieving Goals Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I am happy, thankful and grateful for that which I already have
I am focused on making my dreams a reality
I stay motivated to take the necessary actions to bring me closer to my dreams
I am calm and collected and open to receive the abundance of the universe
I am certain and confident in my belief that my dreams are coming true
I believe and have faith in the source which makes all things possible
I am able to seek out those with the knowledge and power to facilitate my dreams
I devote time each day to research, study, plan and implement my ideas
I am amazing, dynamic and resourceful!
I have already succeeded!


Future Tense Affirmations
I will make my dreams and goals come true
I will be positive and optimistic about the future
I will make a plan and stick to it!
I will attract the people and opportunities needed to achieve my goals
I will only feed the thoughts that serve my well-being and growth
I will think, speak and do what is necessary to achieve my goals
I will sharpen my skills daily
I will associate with positive like-minded individuals who encourage my dreams
Each day I am moving closer towards my goals
I can because I think I can!


Natural Affirmations
Staying motivated and passionate about my dreams is my nature
My mind, body and spirit are organizing effortlessly and automatically to prompt me to greater actions
All of my dreams are coming true and I am programmed to succeed
My mind is razor sharp and my focus like a laser
The power to unlock the riches of my mind and to achieve my full potentiality is now fully realized
My spirit is filled with ancient wisdom that strives to create the best version of myself
My intuition and self-confidence guide me with certainty in making the best decisions on a daily basis
My abundance awareness is increasing
Exercise and meditation daily keep me grounded and spark new ideas for creativity and advancement of my goals
Every day I achieve my goals
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