Become More Decisive Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I am good at making decisions
I think through all of my options carefully
I invest an appropriate amount of time in the thought process
I analyze all possible outcomes
I am in-tune with what I need
I am aware of many components when making decisions
I am mindful of how my decisions will effect my surroundings
My choices are right
I have confidence in my decisions
My decisions are final


Future Tense Affirmations
I will logically think all problems through
I will look into all possible solutions
I will make decisions more carefully
I will stop looking to other people for answers
I will find strength in myself to make decisions
My decisions are becoming more appropriate
I will let my atmosphere determine change
I will stop letting others take control of my life
I will learn to choose for myself
I will be more self-aware


Natural Affirmations
I am naturally good at making decisions
My choices are always the right way to go
I simply know what to do
I’m just naturally decisive
I trust myself in making decisions
I always know what I’m talking about
I am a leader when it comes to making decisions
I know how to narrow down the choices
I make up my mind easily
I naturally find the best solutions
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