Smile More Positive Affirmations

Present Tense Affirmations
I am always smiling
I smile at everyone I see
I smile at the whole world
I light up a room with my smile
My smile is contagious
I am always positive and smiling
Other people always notice my smile
I have a great smile
I spread positive energy to others with the power of my smile
I am always happy and smiling


Future Tense Affirmations
I will smile more
I am noticing myself smiling more and more
Smiling at others is becoming easier
I will smile at the world each and every day
Smiling is changing the way I feel
I am turning into someone who is always smiling and feeling good
Smiling more is starting to feel easy and natural
I am beginning to enjoy smiling at other people
I am transforming into someone who is happy and smiling all the time
Every day it feels more natural to smile and be happy


Natural Affirmations
I enjoy smiling
I find it easy to smile at other people
Smiling and being happy is a normal part of my every day life
I feel good when I smile
When I smile I make others happy
My smile is magnetic!
Life is so much better when I am smiling
My smile is one of my best features
The more I smile the happier I seem to feel
People are attracted to my smile and my positive energy
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