How. To do Affirmations

How do Affirmations work?
An Affirmation is a short positive declaration or statement which you can keep with you,
repeat to yourself and your Angels mentally, and use on a practical and
emotional level right throughout each day.
All of these affirmations contain only positive declarations
of good intention designed to help you
with loving and respecting yourself and other people,
give you self-confidence and optimism,
and to help you through each day with a positive and caring attitude
towards everyone and everything around you.
and especially towards yourself!
At the end of each day, being able to tell yourself and your Angels “I did it!” will give you
a sense of achievement, which, in turn, will help you gain peace of mind and self-love.

How to choose your Daily Affirmation Card
Take a few moments to focus on the cards below, then close your eyes for a few seconds
and ask your Angels to help you to choose the correct card to help you have a good day,
with a positive mental attitude.
Remember, when selecting the card, start your statement with –
“From now on, I choose to …..”
then click on your chosen card to complete the affirmation
the Angels have guided you to today.

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