Self Affirmation

People diagnosed with bipolar disorder are frequently very sensitive and supportive to others.  We are quick with a hug, a pat on the back, a “Hurrah”, an extra Kleenex, or a shoulder to lean upon…for our friends.  We do not provide ourselves or our self esteem with equal treatment, especially when we are depressed.

Depression repeatedly opens the door to our personal “dragon”…this is the part of our psyche that tells us over and over how we “should have done this” or “should have not done that” or “should have done more”.  Nothing is ever enough for the “dragon”, we never win.

Thus, we allow the “dragon” to win by listening to the negative remarks we make to ourselves…and worse yet…by believing in them!  Once the “dragon” has it’s nasty teeth into our self esteem, it continues unremittingly to tear at our very souls, telling us we are horrible little creatures unworthy of companionship, love, and respect.

Self affirmation can help stop the viscous circle of self destruction.  It takes practice and determination.  It does not occur overnight, or even in a week.  Self affirmation does work, however, if you are diligent!

Self affirmation is you telling yourself positive things about yourself, making sure that you impart the same caring for yourself that you would provide for another.

Repeat affirmations to yourself each and every day, and each and every time your “dragon” attacks you with a negative thought.  If you make this a constant habit, you will not only be able to battle the “dragon”…you will begin living the words you are telling yourself and truly believing in yourself!

Here’s a few examples of daily affirmations that you can start with.


I love unconditionally, as well as myself.  (This one especially   good for those “bad hair” days, or when our dragon is tearing us down for our appearance.)


I look for the unique gifts in people, as well as myself.  (This one is good for those “should haves” and “should not haves”)


I am worthy of respect, as well as from myself.  (We would never say the same things to others that we “tell” ourselves,  it’s time to break this cycle!)


I am kind to people, as well as myself.  (This goes hand in hand with the respect issue)


I am forgiving, as well as to myself.  (How often do we relentlessly beat ourselves up for a mistake?)


I appreciate what I  DO  have, so I don’t need to waste time being upset over what I don’t have.  (Practice writing down at least 5 things you are grateful for.  5 too many?  Make it 3)

When you practice affirmations daily, you will be able to add more of your own, ones that fit your personality and situation better.

When the “dragon” rears it’s ugly head upon you, remember to go back to the first affirmation…I love unconditionally, as well as myself.  Repeat this over and over, the “dragon” will not give up so easily…neither “should” you!!!


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