Recovering Your Mental Health A Self-Help Guide

What To Do If Your Symptoms Are Very Serious

If your symptoms are so severe that you feel hopeless and worthless all the time, or your feelings and experiences feel overwhelming, or if any of the following apply to you, take steps right away to help yourself.

bullet You feel like life is not worth living anymore.
bullet You think a lot about dying, have thoughts of suicide, or have planned how to kill yourself.
bullet You are taking lots of risks that are endangering your life and/or the lives of others.
bullet You feel like hurting yourself, hurting others, destroying property or committing a crime.

Things you need to do

bullet Arrange an appointment with your doctor, or other health care provider, or with a mental health agency. If your symptoms make you a danger to yourself or someone else, insist on immediate care and treatment. A family member or friend may need to do this for you if your symptoms are too severe. If you are taking medicines and you think it would be helpful, ask for a medication check.

bullet Ask friends or family members to take turns staying with you until you feel better. Then talk, play cards, watch a funny video together, listen to music— do things that keep you from feeling any worse and may give you some relief.

bullet Do some simple things that you usually enjoy like “getting lost” in a good book, viewing a beautiful picture, playing with your pet or writing in your journal.



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