Please take note of the following to protect yours and others anonymity:

Please don’t use your e-mail address in posts or as your username, as it may end up in the search engines and be subject to spam. Also don’t use your full name as people may be able to search for it. If you have used your real name in your login and are concerned about this we are happy to change it. Please let us know by posting here or contacting a Support Admin !

For legal reasons and for maintaining positive relationships please do not name and shame family members, friends, services, or mental health professionals. We strongly recommend that you keep all personal details off the forum – that includes your full name, email address, and any other means of contact.

Whilst the forum is often a place for talking and forming friendships with other members, we must stress the importance of protecting yourself in an online community..

Please do bear in mind that not everyone on-line is who they say they are.

If you choose to pursue friendships with members of this forum away from the board, we do urge you to exercise caution and common sense. For instance, arrange to meet in a public place, preferably a cafe or similar, where there will be others around. Please take actions to keep yourself safe by taking a friend with you or letting someone know where you are. Do not out give out personal details, such as your home address or telephone number.

We want all our members to feel safe and comfortable using our forum.

If you have any concerns about issues relating to the above on this forum, please do contact a member of The Support Team…. Laura and or JanSupport @

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