Words that heal book conscious subconscious

Conscious mind

I am the greatest.

I am the greaatest

I am the greatest subconscious mind
I’m afraid your not
In fact your a real loser
You can’t do anything right…..

The pattern is all too clear. Because your subconscious beliefs beliefs portray you as sonmmeone who cant get it together, your affirmations fall on deaf ears. Here is another example

Conscious mind
I deserve to be prosperous 
I deserve to be prosperous
I deserve to be prosperous Subconscious mind

Money is the root of all evil
money will corrupt you
you cant hold onto any money…..

What makes this process so insidious is that you may not even be. aware that your subconscious mind is sabatoging your efforts

Book loise hay WORDS THAT HEAL….

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