Obsessive Compulsive Disorder A Self-Test

Over 3 million Americans suffer from OCD in any given year, so Obsessive-Compulsive disorders are far from uncommon. Read the symptoms below; and if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the issues mentioned, you may have some form of OCD:


  • Do you feel trapped in a pattern of unwanted and upsetting thoughts?
  • Do you feel you have to do the same things over again for no good reason?
  • I have upsetting thoughts or images enter my mind again and again.
  • I feel like I can�t stop these thoughts or images, even though I want to.
  • I have a hard time stopping myself from doing things again and again, like: counting, checking on things, washing my hands, re-arranging objects, doing things until it feels right, collecting useless objects.
  • I worry a lot about terrible things that could happen if I�m not careful.
  • I have unwanted urges to hurt someone but know I never would.
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