Track Your Joy Spiritual Practice by Donald Altman

Each day, track the two different forms of joy:

•Sharing your joy instead of your pain

•Sharing joyousness for the victories of others

Write down all the examples of each type of joy that you partake in. Also, remember to write down how your joy-sharing made you feel in the moment and afterward.

Optionally, you can take two small teacups and label them “Sharing My Joy” and “Joy for Others.” Put a penny in each cup for every time that you did your practice. See how many pennies you can accumulate by the end of a week.

After you have had the opportunity to practice, ask yourself: How did sharing my joy with others make me feel? Did I feel elevated, happy, expansive, or giving? Did I smile, laugh, or give a hug? Did my joy enhance the closeness of my relationships?

Likewise, how did supporting the joy of others make you feel? There are always decisions made by parents, children, friends, or others that leave you scratching your head-or worse. Did you find it difficult to show joy when you didn’t fully agree with another person’s decision? How did you manage to overcome your internal judgments? You can always remind yourself of the times you did something that another person disapproved of. Maybe you learned a valuable lesson from your choice, or maybe you wish you had been more supportive of others. Either way, you are embarking on a new path to build relationships and love — and that makes the journey worthwhile.

As you continue using your joy compass as a trusted guide, don’t stop looking for new ways to enhance this unfolding moment. The eight joy pathways in this book — laughter, gratitude, forgiveness, music, contemplation, affirmations, the here and now, and social connections — are more than enough to keep your joy compass working for a long, long time. May you continue to discover and manifest the joy and the peace within so that they may manifest in all beings.

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