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Words that Heal

http://www.bipolar4lifesupport.co “WORDS THAT HEAL” What makes this process so insidious is that you may not even be aware that your subconscious mind is sabotaging your efforts. Ignoring your subconscious beliefs is like painting over rust, or hacking away at weeds … Continue reading

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Evidence Based Markers of bipolar Disorder

http://www.bipolar4lifesupport.co Unofficial but evidence-based markers of Bipolar Disorder You have probably figured it out by now: making a diagnosis of bipolar disorder can be pretty tricky sometimes! You’re about to read a list of eleven more factors that have been … Continue reading

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Anxious Depression could be Bipolar!

http://www.bipolar4lifesupport.co Anxious depression could be “bipolar”?! Warning: leaving DSM-IV territory The remainder of this “diagnosis” discussion cannot be found in the DSM. I will repeatedly reference mood disorder experts, but many of these views are controversial. You must evaluate for … Continue reading

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